1. lonelydirtbag:

    "You’ll never understand" she mumbled at him.

    "What?" his voice raising with the anger intoxicating his body

    her eyes meeting his filled to the brim with tears but she wont let them go

    "You’ll NEVER understand" she spits out

    "Make me understand" he screams back

    her eyes drift to the floor then to him and around the room trying to focus on an object just to calm herself enough to try and think of a response.

    a deep breath is released from inside of her

    "depression is like having wings. everybody around you has wings and you look up to see them flying, higher than the tallest building, above the mountain tops, soaring higher than planes and the sky itself, and the moon and sun and stars all go green with envy of how beautifully they float about. but one day your wings break, and you cant fly any more. but they all go on. they dip in and out of the stratosphere and flip around in front of you, unknowingly mocking you with every flap of their godly wings. and you can take pills to make your feathers prettier. and you can take vitamins to make your bones stronger. and you can drink serums to help whiten your wings. but at the end of the day they are still broken. and you start to wonder whats the point of trying to make your wings so pretty when they’ll never be truly gorgeous again. you start to wonder what its like to be them. to fly so high. to touch the sky and bend at the bottom of the earth stroking the ground ever so gently barely creating a whisper of dust to even show you were there. so you climb up high to the tallest building on the highest mountain and you jump. because those five seconds of falling are better than a life time of watching them fly. and maybe tomorrow they couldve fixed your wings. maybe the pills wouldve started to work. but you’ve waited so long that one more day of waiting and watching and wondering wasnt worth it. 

    so you fell.

    but you also finally felt what it was like to fly”


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